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Welcome to WE:DO Solutions. Here you can find an answer for every need! We specialize in transforming any organization into a digital and automated organization through a process of business development, automation, integration, and tool development, which in a short period will save you hundreds of hours of meticulous work.

Solutions that will help your organization grow

WE:DO Solutions connects your organization to the most advanced systems in the market that will help you continue to grow

System and Website Design

Business Process Mapping and Planning by Business Consultants, Information Systems Experts, and, if necessary, Financial Professionals. Proper system structure planning is the key.

Evaluation of Information Systems

Information System Development, including system architecture development, automation, and integration for all the tools you need. It’s time to turn your business into an automated machine.

Mobile Application Development

Development of applications suitable for all platforms, adaptation to all versions of Android and iOS. Working with a developer from the early stages of definition and the launch of the startup app to its distribution in various stores and marketing.

UI/UX Graphic Design

In every interface, whether it’s an application, system, or website, we will know how to briefly enter the mind of the visitor and understand what will make them click the right button and easily get hooked on the mechanism that we build together with you.

Establishment of Branding Websites

A branding website is a real digital asset that serves as a business card and will enhance your business activity and exposure on the web. We accompany you step by step until the launch moment.

Setting up online stores

It’s time to go digital. Business owners who were wise and started to set up online stores significantly increased their sales volume. Establishing or building an online store is a mandatory requirement for every business in Israel.

שיווק אורגני וממומן

פיתוח אפליקציות מתאימות לכלל הפלטפורמות, התאמה לכל גרסאות Android וiOS.

ניהול ואבטחת מידע בארגון

פיתוח אפליקציות מתאימות לכלל הפלטפורמות, התאמה לכל גרסאות Android וiOS.

ייעוץ עסקי

פיתוח אפליקציות מתאימות לכלל הפלטפורמות, התאמה לכל גרסאות Android וiOS.

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Today, every organization in its field needs advanced technology to expand its business operations and even a customer relationship management system that will assist it in continuous growth, customer tracking, and managing customer relationships of the company. This will allow organization managers to see data summaries in all the organization’s processes. We invite you to embark with us on a new path, the result of which will enable you to enter a new organization the day after! An organization where you save hundreds of hours of work, an organization where the system works for you.

Roee Bendor
Founder & CEO.

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